You’ve got to see this! Joe Biden meets a Democrat who disagrees with him on every issue. Joe Biden.

This gets awkward folks. Prepare to suffer from second hand embarrassment. Joe Biden has found a Democrat who disagrees with him on every issue, and it’s all caught on video.

Who is this Democrat?

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Well…it’s Joe Biden himself.

You can watch it all right here, enjoy!

If this is any sign of how things will go at the upcoming presidential debate, it may be safe to say we will all be thourougly entertained and there won’t be a yawn in the audience.

President Trump expects Joe Biden “to do great” when they go toe to toe in the first presidential debate next week. It will be the first time they are seeing each other face to face since the 45th president’s inauguration in Janurary of 2017.

President Trump said:

“I think he’s a professional. I don’t know if he’s all there, but I think he’s a professional,” Trump remarked, adding, “I have to assume that he’s a professional and that he can debate.”

“I don’t understand what’s going on. He doesn’t seem to be answering questions and he can’t answer questions and much worse, a little while ago when he was on the stage with the Democrats, he couldn’t do well,” he continued.

President Trump also recalled the early states of the primary, arguing that Biden didn’t do too well when he was debating Democrats.

“Pocahontas just destroyed him,” the president remarked in reference to former rival Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.).

However, Trump also remembers that vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris of California, who was previously one of Biden’s rivals “was so horrible” to her now running mate.

“What she said to him was terrible. I’ll tell you what, I watched that, and I’m shocked that he picked her [as his running mate] because he was … treated so badly by Kamala, and then he picks her,” he noted.

Lets be honest though, do we really think that Biden was the one that got to choose his running mate? We may never know.

For now what we do know is that Presdient Donald Trump will be on the debate stage to confront Democratic nominee former Vice President Joe Biden for the first debate on Tuesday, Sept. 29 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Our Vice President Mike Pence and Biden’s running mate Sen. Kamala Harris are schedule to go toe to toe the following week on Wednesday, Oct. 7 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Are you looking forward to the future debates? We all know that President Trump is very capable of delivering a punch on the debate stage.

How do you think the debates will go? Let us know in the comment section below!


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