BREAKING: Trump & First Lady Both Quarantined After TESTING POSITIVE FOR CORONA

Donald Trump has confirmed that both he and Melania have tested positive for Corona after being on a plane with White House Advisor Hope Hicks, who tested positive for Corona.

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The Physician to the President Sean Conley added this,

At this juncture, happily, The First Lady has noted that both she and her husband are feeling good.

Trump and the First Lady were both tested after sharing a flight with White House Advisor Hope Hicks. Earlier, Trump had noted on his Twitter account that both he and the first lady were in quarantine after being in contact with Hicks.

Hicks is a counselor to the president, she works with the president’s son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner. Recently, Hicks has traveled with Trump to a campaign rally in Duluth, Minnesota, on Marine One. As reported, all of the president’s staff wear masks when traveling with him aboard Marine One. Hicks too was wearing a mask when flying with Trump this week.

The President had this to say about Hicks:

“She’s a hard worker, a lot of masks,” “She wears masks a lot, but she tested positive.” Hicks was also aboard Air Force One with the President Tuesday for the first presidential debate.

In the home stretch of a presidential campaign, this could obviously be problematic for the President even if he has minimal symptoms. Currently, there is a debate scheduled for the 15th and Trump has appearances in Arizona, Wisconsin & Florida scheduled over the next few days. Will all of those events be canceled? We’ll have to see what happens. In the interim, please send your thoughts and prayers out to Trump, his wife, and Hope Hicks.


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