When ‘Thong Jeans’ Make Their Debut The PICTURES Go Viral

The fashion industry is known for putting forth some crazy designs into the world. And fashion week across the world is where these insane clothes are put on display. In Tokyo, a new style of jeans was debuted at their fashion week. Called “thong jeans”, they became instantly notorious… and not necessarily for good reasons.

Designer Meiko Ban created “Thibaut” jeans, which are pants that look like they have basically been ripped to shreds. The model who sported them wore a nude bodysuit underneath, and the pictures quickly spread like wildfire across social media.

How these could be considered designer jeans is hard to understand, considering you could conceivably use a pair of scissors to get the same look, if one was so inclined.

Currently, the jeans are not for sale — which is probably a good thing, as social media users were not impressed.

Insanely, this isn’t the first time that something like this has made headlines. Reality television personality Kendall Jenner also stepped out wearing similar pants in March, then called “invisible jeans”. Even more oddly, she wore them over a pair of shorts.

Jenner wore shorts with frayed denim seams running down her legs, down to cuffs around her ankles. The seams appeared to have a brand or pattern on them, indicating that Jenner didn’t just hack at a pair of jeans with some scissors, although the end result would undoubtedly have been the same.

People who saw this new “trend” didn’t have many good things to say. “Noyhing like having too much time on your hands. I swear, some people in this world need some hardship to help give them some perspective on what to do with extra time and money,” one person wrote.

“I had a pair of jeans like that after my dog went to town on it,” another person snarked. “The highly paid fashion designers must be on acid trips,” someone else said. “I tore up a pair of Levi’s once for rags and that’s what they looked like when I finished,” another comment read.

Would you ever wear “thong jeans” or “invisible jeans” like these, or do you think this style is crazy?

Here are some other fashion ideas gone wrong in 2017:

Car mat skirts- Balenciaga is trying to make car mat skirts happen for more than $2,000. I guess next year they’ll be selling us car air freshener dresses.

Clear jeans makes you ask, what happened to your average pair of denim jeans? The website description says, “Think outside the box with these out-of-the-ordinary clear plastic jeans – guaranteed to get people talking.” These jeans are clear, see through… like the emperors new clothes.

Crotchless jeans- ASOS are selling crotchless jeans, held together by little more than an oversized chain.
The wierdo trousers are made by British brand ‘The Ragged Priest’ and are sold on ASOS for £75.

Fake mud jeans- Nordstroms is a luxury department store who is selling men’s jeans covered with “a crackled, caked-on muddy coating.”. The Barracuda Straight Leg Jeans are made in Portugal, are priced at $425.

Detachable jeans has replaced conventional modular clothing that used to consist of something simple, like a reversible jacket. Today, it’s a $425 pair of detachable jeans where the legs are held to the crotch by a pair of loops, creating a disjointed C-3PO effect. Undo the loops and you can now remove the legs entirely, leaving a pair of jean shorts in their wake.

Pre-destroyed sneakers are selling online for up to $1,400. And yes, they are just that… sneakers that are ‘designed’ to look like they’re falling apart.

Romphim are simply women’s 80’s rompers for men. They’re straight up gross and successfully make any man look like a woman. The hairier or more muscular the man, the more ridiculous he looks.

Clear knee mom jeans are jeans where the knees have been cut out and replaced with clear plastic. Seriously folks, this is the ‘fashion’ people of 2017 were craving for. Lucky for me I moved to a farm last year and have zero exposure to these crazy fashion antics. I think if I came across any of these people I would double over in laughter.

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When ‘Thong Jeans’ Make Their Debut The PICTURES Go Viral

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