Violent Leftists Are Setting America On Fire- But Trump Is Called Out To Tell HIS Supporters ‘Don’t Riot’?!

After last night’s debate it’s pretty fair to say that Chris Wallace has proven that he is nothing more than a media hack, after exposing all too clearly his bias during the debate.

For the night’s final question Wallace had the audacity to ask President Trump if he will tell his supporters not to riot. Trump’s supporters? BLM and ANTIFA were not mentioned in connection with destruction and riots ONCE! But Trump supporters and Malitias are mentioned in the same sentence with white supremacy groups???

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Anyway, this is how that question went:

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Trump supporters rioting? Is this a joke?

Violent leftist groups including ANTIFA and BLM have been rioting for months in the streets of America… and there’s proof of this truth EVERYWHERE!

For example, the streets of Louisville continue to be victim to a ongoing wave of destructive behavior and outright lawlessness.

As if the good citizens, and small business owners haven’t already been through it all, now it is reported that there is also supposed racial justice advocates who have been literally shaking down local businesses like they are mobsters! They are making illegal demands of the business owners in a blackmail scheme. Those who refuse to make their demands have been met with threats, and attacks including arson in at least one case reported.

A local restaurant operator was confronted just outside his establishment on Thursday proceding his refusal to adhere to the list of demands activists had given to him and at least a dozen other businesses. The protesters (terrorists) are claiming the business owners have benefited from years of gentrification after the demolition of a public housing complex that allegedly displaced black families.

How about the Trump supporter who woke up in his own home on Wednesday because he heard a huge explosion out in their garage. When he went to investigate the cause he found that his entire garage including his vehicles and a camper were all on fire and it was by no accident. Police are right now investigating this incident as an arson attack. It is suspected that the attack was politically motivated according to a release from the Brooklyn Center Police Department.

Or stuff like this woman flipping off Trump supporters…

I know you laughed at this one..

Then there’s this lady..

Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia, said on Friday that they had just been made aware of the ‘overtly political statement’ made by Assistant Professor Jennifer Mosher during a recent virtual classroom session.

Footage of Mosher’s comments were shared to social media on Wednesday after one of the students captured the tirade during the lesson. This footage went viral. At one point Mosher admitted that she shouldn’t be sharing these things and continued with the instruction. This is prime video footage and hopefully we will see more students standing up to their professors political rhetoric and posting it online. WATCH this video and tell me how much “Biology” you’re getting out of this:

These are all leftists… and that barely scratch the surface of the left’s violent behavior.

But… Trump gets asked if he will tell HIS supporters to stand down.


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