Trump Pollster McLaughlin WARNS: Dems ‘Trying to Steal the Election’ In NC, PA, NV, And NJ

Trump pollster, John McLaughlin has made a prediction and shared it in a Sunday interview with New York WABC 770 radio’s “The Cats Roundtable”. He’s predicting that there will be attempts at election fraud by Democrats in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and New Jersey.

He further emphasized that there have already been attempts at ballot harvesting or completely getting rid of signature verificaton in those states during this rising push for mail-in voting. He also advised tht mail-in voting should be defined for what it is….FRAUD.

“When you want to know what the polls are saying, figure out what the Democrats are doing in that state,” McLaughlin told host John Catsimatidis. “In North Carolina and in Pennsylvania, the Democrats are trying to get rid of the signature verification. In Nevada — which we didn’t win last time, but the polls are very close there this time — Nevada, they want to allow ballot harvesting where campaign workers can go out, collect the ballots, and you have no idea where it’s coming from. They’re live ballots. And then they collect them, and they file them. And New Jersey’s proven — you’ve had recent cases of fraud there. North Carolina … you’ve had recent cases of fraud, where people that were supposed to be filling out those ballots didn’t, and campaign workers went and got them. So, … the word is not ‘mail-in ballots.’ The word is ‘fraud.’ They’re enabling fraud so that ballots will be cast for people who don’t actually live there or vote there. And, you know, it’s crazy.”

“My gut feeling is the president is going to win again,” he added. “Four years ago they were afraid we were going to win on election night. They tried to hold out on calling the election because they knew we had won. This time, they’re afraid we’re going to win again, and they are trying to steal the election before the election.”

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There is a lot that has happened already that supports this prediction.

A county near Baltimore has put out a warning to Americans. They have reason to believe that there is someone or even a group of people that are reportedly going around and ILLEGALLY trying to collect Presidential General Election Ballots.

“Please be advised, it has come to the attention of Anne Arundel County Board of Elections that someone/ group is unlawfully going door to door and trying to collect completely filled out Presidential General Election Ballots,” Anne Arundel County Board of Elections said in a statement. “The Anne Arundel County Board of Elections would never send anyone, be they an Election Judge (volunteers), Election Officials (employees), or Voter Registration Volunteers to go into any neighborhoods to collect or help turn in ballots.”

“Should anyone come to you and tell you they would be glad to take your ballot to the nearest Official Drop Box please know they are not working for any local board of election offices. DO NOT GIVE A STRANGER YOUR BALLOT TO TURN IN FOR YOU,” the statement continued. “Contact the Anne Arundel County Board of Election right away. Our direct contact number is 410-222-6600. Should you need assistance to drop your ballot off at one of the Official Drop Boxes, ask a trusted family member to take you to one of the 32 locations in Anne Arundel County.”

This is just one of many incidents that support what Mclaughlin is predicting. In the end maybe praying for a miracle is time best spent preparing for election day. How do you win an election against cheaters?

A miracle.


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