Top 12 Reasons ‘Government Healthcare For All’ Is The WORST Idea EVER That You Can Share With Friends

Obamacare will lead to single-payer healthcare if we are not very careful. There are a number of reasons that would be very, very bad.

In single-payer healthcare systems, scarcity and rationing often take the form of long wait times. The Red Cross recently declared that Great Britain, which has a single-payer system, faced a “humanitarian crisis” of hospital bed and doctor shortages. Two people recently died at a British hospital after waiting more than 30 hours in a hospital hallway for treatment. Sometimes, wait times can drag on for months before you can see a doctor. Single-payer healthcare is controlled by the government and is socialistic in nature.

Scarcity and rationing can take the form of the government refusing to pay for treatments that you and your doctor think are best for your health. Take a look at the VA government-run healthcare system. That is what single-payer healthcare would be like for all Americans if implemented.

  1. 1 Single-payer healthcare has long wait times, funding deficits and deteriorating patient care.

    Single-payer healthcare has been a disaster everywhere it has been mandated. Canada is the worst among the countries who have tried it with exceedingly long wait times for care. Britain is just as bad. People literally die while waiting to see a doctor and forget about choosing a doctor... the government does that for you. Patient care is atrocious and the system becomes a money pit. Single-payer healthcare kills patients and sucks the hosting country dry of resources.

  2. 2 Single-payer healthcare is being used in countries much smaller than the US.

    There are over 326 million people in the US. A socialized form of healthcare will not work here. Other countries who have instituted single-payer healthcare are far smaller than us and even in those countries, it is not working. Canada has 36 million people, England has 53 million. Australia has 24 million and Finland has 5.5 million. If you think it's bad in those countries, wait until it takes hold in the US.

  3. 3 The VA is an example of single-payer healthcare and it is a horrific program for all involved.

    If you want to see a microcosm of how single-payer healthcare works, look at the VA. Our veterans are treated horribly in this system. Wait times of weeks and months are common. Vets die frequently from lack of care. And this is in spite of a $200 billion budget. If the federal government cannot take care of 9 million veterans, how in the world do you think they will take care of 326 million Americans?

  4. 4 Current cost projections for single-payer healthcare stand at $32 trillion... it would bankrupt us.

    Socialist Bernie Sanders is math challenged. He is claiming that his plan will save us money. Not a chance. Politicians are notoriously wrong when it comes to cost projections. Medicare was projected to cost $9 billion by 1990. The actual cost was $67 billion. Ditto for Medicaid, which was projected in 1967 to cost $12 billion by 1990 and actually cost $98 billion. Analysts are estimating the cost of Sanders' single-payer healthcare at $32 trillion. He would bankrupt this nation and bring her to her knees.

  5. 5 You cannot have socialized medicine and open borders.

    This would strain the social services in America to the breaking point as tens of millions of people would stream across our open borders. It would add massively to the cost of single-payer healthcare and would hasten a breakdown of the system a la Cloward and Piven. No border enforcement, sanctuary cities and chain migration would create an unsustainable situation in our healthcare system. It already has.

  6. 6 Single-payer healthcare is a healthcare rationing system.

    When deficits rear their head, Americans will quickly find out what healthcare rationing is all about. Death panels and euthanasia start to be viewed as viable options by the government due to costs. This is already happening in Britain.

  7. 7 Under rationed healthcare, innovation dries up and care declines.

    Because of regulations and cost restrictions, innovation in a single-payer healthcare system dies on the vine. You are left with the status quo that you see in so many communist countries. Care declines and costs keep rising.

  8. 8 There are always unforeseen problems, especially with federally mandated healthcare.

    There are always unanticipated problems in government-run healthcare and the results can be deadly. Big government moves very slowly, if at all and cannot muster itself usually to respond quickly when needed. The healthcare system would be relegated to Congress and federal agencies. That means politics, elections and hearings would determine outcomes. Then the lawyers get involved. It would be a bureaucracy from hell.

  9. 9 Single-payer healthcare is everything that is bad about big insurance companies... with no choices left.

    Think about it. You no longer have a choice on insurance companies. You are at the mercy of one insurance provider and the federal government. And furthermore, you are just a number on a ledger. Either it is cost-productive to keep you alive or it isn't. If you hate dealing with insurance companies now, wait until you have no way to fight them. No options and no recourse.

  10. 10 Bernie Sanders is proposing to make private insurance illegal. That is Marxism.

    Let's be honest... Bernie Sanders is not a socialist. He's a communist. Of course he wants this system because it's one more step towards a communist Utopia in that addled mind of his. He wants to make private insurance illegal to purchase. You could go to prison for buying it. This is what Marxism is all about. Total government control of the masses.

  11. 11 Single-payer healthcare could be used as a political weapon.

    Remember the IRS and the Tea Party? Well, think of healthcare as being used as a political weapon as well. Only those who think the right way will get the healthcare they need for themselves and their family members. If you are a 'dissident', you just might not get an appointment with that specialist you need. Or maybe, the government won't pay for that life-saving surgery you need. One less dissident to worry about.

  12. 12 Any system controlled by politicians is a disaster in the making with no recourse.

    Politicians are absolutely unqualified to control our lives. You see the moronic things they do in Congress. Just think how they would screw healthcare up. Most have never owned a business or have worked a real job in their lives. But single-payer healthcare would allow them to make life and death decisions concerning our healthcare. Who gets it, who provides it... what insurance benefits we get or not as the case may be. This is a sheer abuse of power. Just say no to single-payer healthcare.

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Top 12 Reasons ‘Government Healthcare For All’ Is The WORST Idea EVER That You Can Share With Friends

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