The 18 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet

When I'm looking for news on the Internet, these are the sites I hit first.

I go through dozens of web sites and blogs every day, looking for the very best stories out there. Over time, I’ve compiled a list and I want to share the top 18 resources I use on a regular basis. All of them are fantastic news sources and I recommend you visit each of them daily.

  1. 1 The Liberty Daily

    This is where I start my day for headlines. You can't beat The Liberty Daily for breaking news. They are the premier news aggregator out there.

  2. 2 The New Americana

    Another fantastic news source that I turn to each day. On The New Americana you will find breaking news stories, original content and current events.

  3. 3 Drudge Report

    Whatever Drudge links to becomes what everyone is talking about. He's still close to the top of the food chain when it comes to conservative news.

  4. 4 BadBlue

    BadBlue real-time uncensored news is another great news resource by Doug Ross. If it's breaking out there, you'll find it here. Outstanding Twitter based news.

  5. 5 Breitbart

    The combined Breitbart collective is AMAZING for links and journalism.

  6. 6 The Washington Free Beacon

    If you are looking for news on national defense or just great news in general, the Beacon is a great site. I have never gotten a bad story from them, they are just that good.

  7. 7 The Daily Caller

    The place to go for original conservative reporting and breaking stories.

  8. 8 The Right Scoop

    Videos, links and heavily updated. This is a true conservative site with tons of breaking news.

  9. 9 The Daily Wire

    Brilliant commentary and breaking news... some of the smartest writers on the web are at The Daily Wire.

  10. 10 Conservative Review

    Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin, Steven Crowder and more. In-depth reporting and breaking news.

  11. 11 Young Conservatives

    Dedicated conservatism and fantastic commentary. Some of the best stories on the web come from this site.

  12. 12 Conservative Tribune

    Incredible reporting and a constant flow of breaking news. Just a terrific news source.

  13. 13 Fox News

    Fox News has been one of the top sources of conservative news and reporting for years.

  14. 14 TheBlaze

    Glenn Beck's news site is always a great source for news and he has gone to a more fact-based format which is terrific for those that just want real reporting without the hype.

  15. 15 BizPac Review

    Breaking news and trending topics... this news site has what's hot on the web.

  16. 16 Independent Journal Review

    Smart, breaking reporting and constantly updated. They break some of the largest stories on the web.

  17. 17 Western Journalism

    A go-to news source that highlights breaking news and trends from across the Internet. A favorite of bloggers and pundits.

  18. 18 Twitchy

    One of my all-time favorite sites... not just for news, but for wit and biting humor.

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The 18 Best Conservative News Sites On The Internet

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