SO IT BEGINS: R-Susan Collins REFUSES to vote for GOP SCOTUS candidate

While Sen. Susan Collins, refuses to say who she’s voting for in November, once again she did what she and Sen. Lisa Murkowski always do: stick together. As Twitchy reported yesterday, Murkowski said “Fair is fair” regarding her refusal to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg until after Election Day.

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Just like a little devoted puppy Collins announced she too would not vote on a Supreme Court nominee until after the election. Collins’ office released a statement Saturday saying “in fairness to the American people,” who voted for President Trump by the way, “the Senate should not vote on the nominee prior to the election.”

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Republicans Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romney will stand united on this front. But if that creates a tie, VP Mike Pence would be the swing vote.

Collins is being eviscerated with truth on social media as people have responded to her tweet to educate her on how the Government is supposed to work and remind her that she really doesn’t do that much.


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