Portland Woman Reacts To Murder Of Trump Supporter- ‘That’s What He Gets’ [VIDEO]

Just a few weeks ago in downtown Portland, Trump suporters gathered in the hundreds to have a peaceful vehicle parade in honor of President Trump. There was great opposition from people that were there to ruin the vehicle parade, and many of the vehicles were attacked by protesters, and those that have been rioting in the streets of Portland since the death of George Floyd.

Later that same night, a Trump supporting man was shot and killed as the caravan made its’ way through the streets.

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Now a TV published video has been released of a Portland woman being interviewed about the incident of this cold-blooded murder.

Watch the video here:

Portland has been suffering from nightly protest for more than three months now, since the police killing of Floyd in Minneapolis. Most of these protests are not peaceful and end in rioting, looting, and violence. Now a man has been shot and killed and the reaction to this cold-blooded murder from this woman has set Twitter ablaze…

Here are some of the responses to the video:

When you have a mayor who is willing to surrender parts of their city to rioters, and label them ‘peaceful protesters’, lawlessness is what that mayor is endorsing. The chaos of bad leadership in Portland is consuming the city and nothing good will come from that.

Anarchists are defacing, vandalizing, and attempting to burn down even federal buildings, and they appear to be doing so without any fear of consequence.

Protesting should never be a free ticket to anarchy.

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