Portland Police Bureau Officers Sworn in as Federal Officers for Their Own ‘Protection’

May 29, 2020 - Houston, Texas, USA: Police and spectators collide in downtown Houston, TX as rioters protest the beating and killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police earlier in the week.

Yesterday at 9 a.m., members of the Portland Police Bureau’s Rapid Response (RRT) Team were deputized as Federal Marshals for their own protection. This move will now allow federal prosecutors to charge anyone over an assault on a federal officer… re: deputized Portland Police Bureau Officers.

“Portland Officers have been serving on the front lines of nightly protests for months, sustaining injuries and encountering unspeakable violence,” stated Superintendent Travis Hampton. “If I am to send them into harm’s way this weekend, on my authority, I’m going to ensure they have all the protections and authority of an OSP Trooper.”
Along with the Oregon State Police who are also sworn as Federal Officers, this will enable any persons who commit violent acts towards our Law Enforcement Officers to be charged federally. The Oregon State Police and Portland Police will continue to make arrests on state charges. Those cases are then reviewed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and federal prosecutors will determine if any cases warrant federal charges.”

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“I want violent individuals thinking about the enhanced penalties they may face if they harm a Portland Police Bureau Officer,” Hampton stated.

Here’s the twist though – I don’t think this is because of Antifa and Black Lives Matter violence which is where almost all of it is coming from. No, this was because of a planned Proud Boy rally this weekend that expected to see thousands show up to protest leftist violence in our streets and against Trump supporters. Hundreds did show up, not thousands and there was no violence to speak of. You’ll remember that a Trump supporter who attended one of these rallies recently was summarily executed by a leftist in the middle of a street. Crickets from the media.

At 9:00 A.M. this morning, members of the Portland Police Bureau’s Rapid Response (RRT) Team were deputized as Federal…

Posted by Oregon State Police on Saturday, September 26, 2020

Portland was bracing for a violent confrontation between leftists and those on the right. The Proud Boys have held multiple events in Portland, alongside other right-wing groups such as Patriot Prayer, that often end in violent clashes with left-wing groups.

Gov. Kate Brown feared thousands showing up for the Proud Boys ao she declared a state of emergency but at mid-afternoon, the opposing groups had not come in contact. It’s funny, she never panics like this when BLM and Antifa get their violence on.

Many of the rally attendees carried guns and who can blame them after recent events. They also brandished baseball bats and shields. Many were dressed in fatigues. Militia members armed with different types of weapons were also posted throughout the park, according to The Oregonian.

A second event honoring historic Black residents of Portland drew several dozen people to another park about a mile away, but an organizer told The Oregonian they had no plans to interact with the Proud Boys. Another group of about 1,000 counter-demonstrators gathered in a third park about three miles away, but did not plan to march to the park where the Proud Boys had gathered, the paper said.

The rally comes as Portland approaches its fifth month of almost nightly protests against racial injustice and police brutality that have frequently ended in violent clashes with police. But, at least this time, the police had nothing to worry about. And I contend that the police need far more protection from Antifa and BLM than they ever have from the Proud Boys.


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