Police Told To Stand Down Against Violent Felon To Prevent Use Of Force Scenario

This maybe the future of policing if Black Lives Matter and corrupt Democrats get their way.

A couple weeks ago in Aurora, Colorado, one of the residents invited 47 year old Robert Thompson into their home. Despite being aware of Thompson’s long criminal history they opened their home for him to crash at for a few days. As one would expect, Thomspon had no problem showing his true form shortly after the invite. He began causing trouble and not the kind that could be ignored. He exposed himself to young girls, threw a rock through another person’s window and threatened multiple people including his hosts with violent outbursts.

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The couple called the police to help them with their violent roommate problem. Two police officers showed up and questioned Thompson, after which they turned and left, letting the occupants know they would “seek a warrant” before they could deal with Thompson.

It was the next day when Thompson’s violent behavior took a turn for the worst. His behavior went dark and flew far out of control. He locked the couple in their bedroom and proceeded to smash everything in their apartment using a golf club. Once he was done doing that, he went outside and started doing the samething to the cars in the parking lot.

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Once again the police were called out to assist at the scene of several crimes he had committed. However, to the couple’s shock, once they arrived and spoke to Thompson they simply left with the explanation that they were told to stand down to prevent them from getting into a confrontation with the suspect that had the potential to turn into a use-of-force scenario.

Can you blame them after what corrupt Democrats have done to abolish the police and make America ever more unsafe for police officers?

This was a comment from Aurora Police Deputy Chief, Darin Parker:

“I totally understand that there’s people there that felt like they were abandoned,” said Aurora Police Deputy Chief Darin Parker…

Leander McCoy, the man who had initially invided Thompson into his home was stunned and had this to say about the incident:

“I was standing right there and I’m like, ‘What are you guys doing?’ and they said they were told to stand down and they left. Bottom line is they left us to deal with it by ourselves and that’s kind of crazy.”

Aurora Police Deputy Chief Darin Parker said, “We’re trying to get the situation resolved with the least amount of escalation, the least amount of confrontation as we can.” He went on to say that if the officers had responded more aggressively and attempted to take Thompson into custody it could have led to the use of deadly force.

Perhaps now at least a few more people can see what it will be like without our police protecting us. The attack on our police has created a system where our police officers’ lives are even more in danger.

What are your thoughts on this situation? Do you side with the police department and their decision?


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