People Wonder Why No Were Charges Filed After Texas Woman Was Eaten Alive

It probably seemed like just another normal day for Erin McCleskey. She went to deliver a package to someone’s house, as she had countless other times, and had no idea how dangerous that one simple act would be.

McCleskey worked as a contractor for EZ Messenger, and also worked as a process server. McCleskey was the daughter of one of the company’s owners, which describes itself on the company website as “one of the largest legal services providers offering service of process, e-filing/court services, on demand delivery and investigations and skip tracing in the country.” She was tasked with making a delivery of court papers to a home in Austin, Texas. But this time, something terrifying was waiting for her.

She was attacked at the home’s front gate by six dogs, three of which were Australian cattle dog mixes, and the other three Labrador retriever mixes. When someone came to the home to check on the dogs, they found a horrific site: McCleskey’s dead body. She had literally been eaten alive by the dogs.

According to neighbors, the dogs had been a problem for a long time. And in addition to the six dogs that killed McCleskey, there were 14 more puppies found inside the home. One neighbor said that they were so dangerous, she had to stop letting her children play outside. Another neighbor said that the dogs had attacked him before. Yet a spokesman for the sheriff’s office said that he didn’t believe any charges would be filed. “If the homeowner’s not there and doesn’t sic the dogs on them, I don’t know what charges would be filed,” he said.

Instead, the dogs were impounded and tested to see if they had rabies. There was also a hearing held to see if the dogs should be put to death. At the hearing, a judge did indeed rule that the dogs should be euthanized. McCleskey’s family also released a statement.

“We are a family that loves dogs. We have always had dogs. Members of our family have rescues. We are aware that millions of good dogs are killed every year in shelters across the country for want of a loving family,” the statement said. “But there are NOT GOOD DOGS. These six dogs viciously and repeatedly attacked my daughter until they took her precious life. It is our understanding that these dogs have previously terrorized the neighborhood. Complaints were made; no action was taken by the owners.”

Rather than take responsibility for their dogs’ actions, however, the owners appealed the judge’s decision to have them euthanized.

Do you think the dogs should be put down?

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People Wonder Why No Were Charges Filed After Texas Woman Was Eaten Alive

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