Parents Charged With Murder After Head Lice Kills 12-Yr Old Daughter

I can hardly believe this.

A 12-year old girl from Georgia has died from an indirect result of a very severe case of lice infestation, one in fact that may have gone on for years. Investigators reported that Kaitlyn Yozviak died on August 26 due to cardiac arrest with a secondary cause of being severely anemic.

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The girl’s parents Mary Katherine Horton and Joey Yozviak have since been charged with her murder. Georgia Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Ryan Hilton testified that at the time of Kaitlyn’s dead she was ‘the most severe’ case of lice infestation that the GBI’s office had ever witnessed before, and they suspect that it could have lasted on and off for at least three years.

He reported that he believed repeated bites from the lice had lowered her blood iron level so low that it caused her to become anemic, and may have been the very trigger for the cardiac attack she suffered.

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Wilkinson County Superior Court Judge Brenda Trammell agreed that there was enough evidence to charge the parents with second-degree murder charges and to go forward to a grand jury. The parents were also charged with second-degree child cruelty. There was a preliminary hearing on Monday where they discussed the new details to her death.

GBI said the girl suffered ‘excessive physical pain due to medical negligence,’ however, as of now the autopsy results are not yet complete. The girl’s mother also told investigators that Kaitlyn had not bathed within the last week and a half before she suffered the heart attack and died. When agents arrived at the home in August the inside was filthy and in disgusting disrepair. Vermin were covering mattresses, stuffed animals an other furniture in Kailyn’s room.

Neighbors told agents that they had not seen Kaitlyn playing in the yard around the house for the last month and a half to two montsh before her death.

DailyMail reports:

Georgia Division of Family and Children Services documents show that Kaitlyn´s two brothers were removed from Horton and Yozviak’s home because of unsanitary conditions.

In 2008, DFCS opened another case around the time Kaitlyn was born, after the parents decided not to give her up for adoption.

The agency did’t receive any reports on the family until 2018 where files show a call indicating the home was ‘bug-infested, (with) excessive cats, and hazardous conditions.’

Kaitlyn herself was briefly placed with her aunt, but was returned to her parent’s home only six days later. After this incident, the agency did not hear from the family again until after the girl had died.

They lost two sons because child services removed them from the parents due to unsanitary conditions and they then proceeded to bring another child into their chaos. The poor girl was supposed to be given up for adoption. Child services dropped the ball and this child’s tragic suffering and death feels like it could blamed on more than just the dysfunctional parents.

These parents were known to be unsanitary and unsafe for children. Everyone failed this girl.


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