Obamas HUMILIATED After Prince Harry Warned Against Inviting Them To Royal Wedding

Who’s going to break the news to Princess Michelle?


British Prince Harry, who recently announced his engagement to the American actress Meghan Markle, has been good friends with Barack and Michelle since first meeting them through the Invictus Games, an athletics competition he developed for wounded veterans. The Obamas were involved in the Games in 2014 and in 2016 and Barack was one of the first big names on social media to offer his congrats to the newly engaged couple, who are scheduled to be married in the spring and rumored to be extending an invitation to the Obamas, but not Trump.

Harry is the younger brother of Prince William, who along with his wife Kate Middleton is second in line for the Throne. After Queen Elizabeth, 91, passes away, the Crown will be passed to her son Prince Charles, 69, whose marriage to Princess Diana produced two children, William and Harry. Prince William, 35, already has a son of his own and little George is ahead of Harry in line for the Throne.

So while William is generally held to a higher social standard, Harry has been able to engage in social faux pas including the time in 2005 where he dressed up like a Nazi to a “Colonials and Natives” themed costume party.

While Markle has not gone that far, she has gone on record with an anti-Trump opinion. Of course, she was an actress at the time and not about to marry into a famous family. Since their engagement, Markle has been following all the protocol rules that prohibit members of the Royal Family from expressing political opinions.

But a few weeks ago Harry was the first person to conduct an interview with Barack Obama since he left office last year. Not an American news service, but it was the BBC who got that first post-White House interview. It was during that interview that Obama forgot himself as a private citizen, and mislabeled himself as someone who was “in leadership” just like Trump and that The Don should be more responsible for his words on Twitter. Speaking of social media, Malia’s new boyfriend has been grilled in the press for following Trump’s Twitter account but not Barry’s.

A British governmental official, speaking with media says that the notion that Harry might ignore protocol and invite the Obamas but not the Trumps is “causing a lot of nervousness” and that “Trump could react very badly if the Obamas get to a Royal wedding before he has had a chance to meet the Queen.”

Even Forbes magazine says that the invite should be quashed, saying that Obama has already “shown himself to be no friend of the British people.” In 2016, he was quoted by their media as saying that he’d put the United Kingdom “in the back of the queue” when it came to whether the US would prioritize a new trade agreement with the country if they voted for Brexit. The journalist also pointed out that while it is unlikely, Prince Harry may one day be the king, and it’s not worth having a monarch who is looking to burn bridges politically.

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Obamas HUMILIATED After Prince Harry Warned Against Inviting Them To Royal Wedding

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