NBA Is A Sinking Ship – Game 2 Final Ratings Give Them A LOT To Worry About!

If this isn’t a CLEAR sign that American don’t watch sports for their player’s political opinion then nothing will be. Both Game 1 and Game 2 of the NBA finals are showing that the L.A. Lakers and the Miami Heat are not all that important to their fans. They have suffered the worst ratings death spiral in the league’s entire history.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis might be questioning their clout now. Despite them being two of the league’s biggest stars, their matchup on the floor together isn’t pulling any crowds to watch. It has already been disappointing numbers for them since Game 1 but Game 2 is showing that things are only getting worse, a LOT more worse.

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Game 2’s numbers have come in and showed that it had only 4.5 million viewers and a dismal 1.9 in the ratings. This reflects an entire 68 percent drop over Game 2 back in 2019. This rating is actually the lowest ratings EVER for an NBA Finals game, and before Game 2’s record breaking numbers, it was Game 1’s numbers that had the record broken….embarrassing.

So as the pattern reflects the ratings are going down with each game. This collapse in ratings dosen’t come as a total surprise and infact there are probably many Americans thinking the NBA is getting exactly what they asked for when they decided to make the league about pushing their political agenda onto Americans that are just there to support their team and take a break from the already chaotic world. Instead of basketball being a time to relax, unwind, and enjoy food, drinks, and time with friends and family…it became a political platform.

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However there is more to it…

Back on September 2nd a Harris poll discovered that 39 percent of respondents who identified as sports fans foudn the league had become too political. On top of that another 19 percent decided to turn off pro basketball because of the NBA’s deel links to China. They didn’t like that at all.

It didn’t help the league when they decided to return to the 2020 season post-COVID with a huge blast of anti-American Black Lives Matter agenda that they proceeded to shove down the throats of their fan.

For his part, OutKick’s Jason Whitlock thanks LeBron James for personally destroying the NBA’s popularity.

Maybe now they will learn the number one rule of free market capitalism…don’t insult your customer.

Instead of what the NBA thought would be great numbers of fans that they attracted to Game 1 Finals the NBA saw a catastrophic drop in both their ratings and viewership. Despite there being millions of sport watching fans at home in lockdown and LeBron James on the floor playing, not many showed up to watch.

Maybe now they will learn the number one rule of free market capitalism…don’t insult your customer.


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