Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Want Biden To Debate- Gives LAME Excuse

Well it’s no surprise here that Nancy Pelosi keeps mentioning to reporters that she doesn’t think Democratic Presidentital candidate, Joe Biden should debate President Trump this coming Tueday. However, the lame excuse she gives for it is absolutely absurd.

Does anyone else feel secondhand embarrassment just listening to her speak about it?

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As she has done before, Nancy Pelosi is explaining that she doesn’t want Joe Biden to debate Presidnt Trump NOT because she’s concerned that Joe Biden will totally bomb it (cough cough) , but because she doesn’t think Joe Biden should dignify Trump by showing up to the debate in the first place.

In her eyebrows… I mean her words:

Interesting right? Pelosi having the audacity to call Trump’s people “henchmen” and failing to look at the other details had even interviewer Gayle King questioning Pelosi’s honesty.

“The president has no fidlity to fact or truth, and actually in his comments the last few days, no fidelity to the Constitution… He and his henchmen are a danger with their comments, are a danger to our democracy”

Multiple times King tried to ask Pelosi to explain why it wasn’t important for both sides to debate, everytime Pelosi stumbled, repeated, or avoided the question all together.

Honestly, anyone paying attention to Pelosi’s actions this past week had to know this was coming. Joe Biden has very little time now to back out of the debates. Either way it goes, it will look bad on the Bident campaign. One option is just far more entertaining than the other.

Pelosi also mentioned that President Trump does not respect or follow the Constitution…

Pelosi: We want to remove the 1st, 2nd and 4th amendments, pack the SCOTUS, redistribute all wealth to our supporters, force you to buy healthcare that you are not even capable of using, inflate the senate and mandate that peoples rights are granted by Government based on skin color and genital type in the name of true equality.

Also Pelosi: The Republicans don’t respect the Constitution.

This isn’t the only time Pelosi has made herself out to be a hypocrite. Did you her recent rant about GOP coming for the children of America?

Gross tactics as always from Pelosi. Doesn’t she seem to always run to the media every time something doesn’t go her way, and it’s always a crazy, unhinged rant. She is at it again, and this time her story sounds a little conspiracy theory like. She is claiming a whole lot of crazy stuff including the Republican party coming after the children of Americans. She’s lost it.

Her “warning” to Americans is that by GOP fulfilling their contitutional duty to replace Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, they are trying to come after the children of Americans. What in the world kind of nonsense is this?

“A great part of the west is on fire. Our south — the gulf coast is battered by hurricanes,” Pelosi said. “We have a pandemic in the country. We’re fighting for our heroes, our state and local government and federal employees who our health care, our first responders, our teachers, our teachers, our sanitation, transportation workers.”

“We want them to test, trace, treat, wear masks, separate and the rest and we need public employees to do that. So we’re not about shutting down government. And it’s not a lever,” Pelosi continued. “By the way, the Republicans don’t believe in governance. It’s a welcome thing for them to shut down government. That’s why they have done it over and over. But in addition to that, you think if we shut down government they would say, ‘okay, now we won’t move forward with the justice?’ No, they won’t. They won’t. Because they are on a path to undo the Affordable Care Act. They’re on a path to undo a woman’s right to choose and there are many more issues that relate to the LGBTQ commu–.”

“Clean air, clean water, pollution. They’re coming after your children,” Pelosi said. “Protect your children from what they are trying to do in this court.”

She doesn’t even make any sense!

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