Mark & Patricia McCloskey had photos of them pointing guns at protesters made into Christmas cards

Remember Mark and Patricia McCloskey? They are the St. Louis could who became well-known this past summer for defending their home and property from a mob of BLM protesters.

They were harassed by a woman recently while they were out just trying to pick up their order of Christmas cards at the shop they had them printed off at. The entire incident was recorded and posted online. In the video you hear the woman who is filming, harrassing the calm and collected couple as they exit the shop and walk to their vehicle to leave.

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She is heard shouting out colorful obscenities and threatening to abolish the suburbs. What you will see in this video are the McCloskeys being nothing but calm, collected and civil to the shouting woman maintaining their composure the entire time.

“Abolish the suburbs!” the woman yells. “You are terrorists.”

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“Why aren’t you wearing a mask?” a male voice can be heard in the background, likely directed at Patricia McCloskey, who was mask-less.

You can see here for yourself what went down:

Here are some of the responses to the video on social media:

“No mask? You think pointing guns at protesters is nice?” hollers the woman. “It’s fun? You think you’re cool? Abolish the suburbs!”

“F**k you and your guns!” she continues yelling as the couple gets into their vehicle.

Before they get in their vehicle to exit the parking lot, Mark McCloskey grabs one of the cards and approaches the man who is with the harrasser, which appears to throw the shouting woman off by surprise as she yells:

“Don’t come near me! Don’t come near me!” she says.

To her surprise Mark McCloskey is NOT confronting the woman, but reaches out and offers one of the couple’s Christmas cards. The man accompanying the woman accepts the card.

“Thank you, Mark,” he responds as McCloskey returns to his vehicle.

As the McCloskeys begin to exit both the woman and man start shouting obscenities at the couple again.

Here are some more responses to the inceident from twitter:

What are your thoughts on all this? Does any of this unnecessary harrassment make any sense to you?

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