Leftists TORCH Trump Supporter’s Home – Garage, Vehicles, Camping Trailer ALL GONE

More mayhem heating up in Democratic run Minnesota. This time it was a Trump supporter who woke up in his own home on Wednesday because he heard a huge explosion out in their garage. When he went to investigate the cause he found that his entire garage including his vehicles and a camper were all on fire and it was by no accident.

Police are right now investigating this incident as an arson attack. It is suspected that the attack was politically motivated according to a release from the Brooklyn Center Police Department.

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The homeowner had a huge Trump 2020 sign posted up in their yard, and it’s looking like this might have been the motivation behind the vandalizm and arson.

BringMeTheNews reported:

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According to a release, the garage and three vehicles at a residence on the 6900 block of N. Morgan Ave. were destroyed in a fire that erupted following a reported explosion just before 4 a.m. Wednesday.

The has been deemed suspicious and the investigation is “extremely active,” police said, noting that the family had a “fairly large” “Trump 2020” sign and prior to the garage burning down officers documented fresh spray paint on its exterior with “Biden 2020,” “BLM” and the anarchy symbol, an unusual combination of messages considering they occupy significantly different positions on the political spectrum.

This is not the only attack that has been reported this week.

Just a couple weeks ago FBI Director Christopher Wray told America that ANTIFA was NOT the greatest threat to America, but that it was a movement.

However, what Americans woke up to today in DC, looked nothing like the work of a movement. Over night Antifa militants stormed DC and destroyed the city’s local diners. Protesters took to the streets Wednesday night following the Breonna Taylor grand jury decision and the protest soon turned into a violent riot.

It is the response of Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters in the streets that has 2 police officers shot and a wave of mayhem continues to destroy cities and American property.

You can see Antifa-BLM rioters terrorizing diners in DC, as they chant the words, “silence is violence!”

They harrassed local diners, even surrounding a couple who were dining at the restaurant and proceeded to scream at them. These violent protesters entered these places of business and started turning over tables and breaking chairs, destroying property and terrorizing innocents.

With all this chaos it is hard to believe that FBI Director Christopher Wray would call Antifa-BLM protesters a movement or ideology instead of what they really are…. terrorists who are terrorizing fellow Americans.

After an investgation on Antifa to see if they are the “greatest threat” to America was requested, FBI Director Christopher Wray repudiated the claim that Antifa was a threat to the United States and stated that instead, Antifa was “more of an ideology or a movement than an organizarion” before the House of Homeland Security Committee.

I call BS.

What should be done about the unrest and wave of violent protesters running the streets?

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