Hispanic Voters At Telemundo Say President Trump Won The Debate In A LANDSLIDE!

Do you think Democrats saw this coming? After Tuesday’s debate, hispanic voters on Telemundo in a landslide gave the debate to President Trump. In 2016, it was Hillary Clinton who took their vote 66 to 34 percent, but this round is going to President Trump 66 to 34 percent.

Check this out:

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This was taken from a Telemundo poll of the network’s viewers, and they found that two-thirds thought President Trump won last night’s debate against former Vice President Joe Biden.

In early September a NBC/Marist poll was released and showed that Biden was falling far below Trump with Latino voters in the state of Florida. Among those voters President Trump leads with 50 percent compared to Biden’s 46.

There has been some backlash on Tuesday night’s debate reguarding the somewhat chaotic flow of things. It appeared that the debate was a tag team match except President Trump had no partner… it was him against Wallace and Biden.

Regardless of all that, Hispanic voters overwhelmingly picked Trump as the debate winner. It goes in keeping with the polling data that Trump has been doing well with Hispanics. These numbers were derived from a key Democratic bastion, where Trump has been really working hard to show voters there that he is their President and he will do his best to do what is right for them. This is causing some Democrats to worry too.

Now with Telemundo’s poll, their worries will not be neutralizing anytime soon.

Fox News host Chris Wallace seemed to do his best to give Joe Biden an advantage. He repeatedly interrupted President Trump and treated him with a total lack of respect. Even by the end of the very first question it seemed very apparent what Wallace’s intentions were as “moderator” and they weren’t to be unbias.

Here you will see the Trump War Room counted 76 times that Wallace interrupted President Trump, and when it came to Joe Biden it was only 15 times.

Too bad for Democrats though on this one, because despite the poor job Wallace did, the polls following the debate seem to reveal that viewers didn’t let Wallace’s failed job shake their views on the substance of the debate.

Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany also tweeted the results of 3 polls. In addition to the Telemundo News poll she posted the CSPAN poll which showed 54% of viewers for Trump winning and only 29% for Biden winning the debate.

From their behavior it seemed like Democrats believed they had the lock on the Hispanic vote in November…but, things don’t look that way now.


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