GOP Sheriff Candidate: ‘Not Fooling Around’ I Will ‘Line Up Jail Buses’ to Arrest Rioters

Jerry Sheridan is a Republican candidate for Arizona’s Maricopa County Sheriff, for the fourth-biggest county in the country. What he is pledging would have been considered common sense a decade or two ago. Today, not so much.

Sheridan is pledging to a tougher approach on crime, in order to take preventative measures when dealing with rioters or those that unlawfully assemble. He vows to protect the constitutional right of Americans to “peaceably protest”, but when that line gets crossed even the slightest, he will arrest and transport them…because, they are criminals!

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Sheridan told Breibart News exactly how he planned to do this:

“I will enforce people’s constitutional rights to peaceably protest. However, as soon as someone throws a rock or a bottle that is not longer a peaceful protest. I will declare it an unlawful assembly and immediately disperse the crowd before it becomes a riot.”

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“I will have jail buses, that we transport inmates in, lined up in row to arrest the people that do not disperse [if the protest becomes riotous].”

“I’m not fooling around with this. These rioters, they don’t just attack Republican businesses. They don’t just attack and destroy and burn and loot businesses in wealthy communities. They attack, especially small business owners that probably have their life savings, their life work in these places, [the rioters] don’t discriminate,”

“They tear them all down, and it’s my job as the sheriff to protect everybody. Regardless of the location in Maricopa County, regardless of who owns the businesses.”

What a concept right? Arresting criminals for breaking the law. Obviously a lot of these Democratic states who are allowing lawlessness run their streets missed that common sense memo.

Just a few months ago looters were running the streets in Scottsdale, Arizona, and cleaned out an entire mall. It was absolute chaos at the downtown mall plaza that night. It was a “peaceful protest” organized through social media, but the protest quickly gave way and turned into a night of looting. Hundreds of people had shown up to that night’s so-called “peaceful protest”, it was absolute chaos.

Arizona’s recent events of riotous looting and related criminal activities has Sheridan ready to take a tougher approach to crime. This maybe exactly what Arizona needs to become a safe place from criminal rioters. If he succeeds in defeating Democrat Sheriff Paul Penzone in this race in November, his approach could fix the backwards state everything is in, due to Democratic rule.

Sheridan is reported to be a long time employee of well-known Joe Arpaio, and has similar views on criminals and border jumpers alike. He has been serving with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office for almost 39 years, and has held a leadership position for 33 of those 38 years. As a result, he now holds the highest ranking uniformed position there as Chief Deputy.

What do you think about Sheridan’s pledge to keep the people of Marisopa County safe from criminals that threaten the safety of their towns?

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