GOP Senator Collins Sides With Democrats- Announces Her Plans For Trump’s Nominee

Unfortunatley, you heard right. Senator Susan Collins announced on Tuesday that she will be voting NO on ANY Trump SCOTUS nominee. Her vote will be a no, regardless of how qualified his nominee is for the job. That is if the Senate votes on the nominee before the Nov 3 election date.

GOP Senator Susan Collins told reporters:

“I made it very clear, yes, that I did not think there should be a vote prior to the election. And if there is one, I would oppose the nominee not because I might not support that nominee under normal circumstanecs, but we’re simply too close to the election.”

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Her words folks, not mine.

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She added:

“And in the interest of being fair to the American people, and consistent, since it was, with the [Merrick] Garland nomination that the decision was made not to proceed, a decision that I disagreed with, but my position did not prevail. I now think we need to play by he same set of rules,” she added.

Collins is one of two Republican senators to side with Democrats. Their arguement is that the Senate needs to wait until afther the Nov 3 election to see if Trump comes out reelected or if he loses to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Currently, Republicans are holding a 53-47 majority, which means in lame man terms, they don’t need either Collins or Murkowski to pass Trump’s SCOTUS nominee. It will be a simple majority vote.

UNLESS something crazy happens…which if we consider how things have been going so far in 2020, who knows right?

Other GOP Senators like John Barrasso are singing to a different tune. He expressed to reporters that he believes Trump’s nominee would be “powerful and positive” and “someone who has likely already been vetted by the Senate.”

The reason for the wave of upset from the Democrats is due to the Senate declining to consider President Barack Obama’s nominee back in 2016. The open seat was filled by Trump nominee, Neil Gorsuch.

However, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already explained that the two situations are different. Voters CHOSE to keep Republicans in control of the Senate in both 2016 AND 2018.

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was asked by reporters if the White House was confident in President Trump’s nominee being confirmed before the election.

This was her response:

“We certainly believe we can. We will go about this the way we always have, by putting forward a Constitution-abiding textualist originalist that we believe the American people will appreciate and we believe will get through the approval process, the nomintion and confirmation process I should say, quite quickly.”

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