FLORIDA Mom Tries to Run Over Son-in-Law After He Told His Wife He Was Sleeping With Her Mother

People typically have affairs, but it’s not often that they decide to sleep with the parent of their significant other. One clueless husband not only slept with his wife’s mother, but he also went and told her about it — and it backfired wildly on him.

33-year-old Michael Sciarra is married to Hannah Sciarra, although the two are reportedly estranged. Their marriage has been plagued with issues; earlier this year, the two got into an altercation so bad, police had to be called. Hannah said that the two were having dinner with their children when Michael became “agitated”. Eventually she admitted that she had been sleeping with another man, and said that he hit her in the face. When police arrived, the home was covered in broken glass, and Hannah had a swollen eye. Both smelled like alcohol. Michael was arrested and charged with domestic battery.

Things only got worse after that, though. Michael began sleeping with Hannah’s mother, 58-year-old Kathleen Davis. This relationship allegedly began before Michael and Hannah separated, however. Still, Sciarra felt it necessary to confess, and told his wife about the affair, enraging Davis.

Davis drove to Sciarra’s house, where she began throwing eggs at his car and his home. Sciarra was inside when he said he heard loud banging, and came outside to tell her to stop. He called 911, which is when Davis tried to kill him. She began chasing him in her black Mercedes, hoping to run him over.

When police arrived, they observed Davis “driving a black Mercedes two door vehicle in circles in the front yard of Sciarra’s residence”. The officer also saw Sciarra running in different directions, trying to avoid being struck by the car. Davis also did donuts in his front yard.

Davis then admitted to police that she wanted Sciarra dead after he told Hannah about their affair and admitted that she wanted to kill him. She was arrested, and has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Reactions to this insane story were mixed. Some found it funny, with one commenter at the Daily Mail writing, “If you cannot keep it in your pants, keep it in the family. Southerners have such an affectation for familial ‘relations.'”

“Seems like their family tree goes straight up,” another person snarked.

Another person pointed out the tragedy here. “A broken family, and for what???” she asked. “No one is worth all of this hot mess.”

After her arrest, she was released on $3,000 bond after spending two days behind bars at the Palm Beach County Jail. New police reports reveal that the relationship between Hannah and her husband Michael had been in steep decline since the mother-in-law incident.

Police reports say that the wife, Hannah was having family dinner with Michael and their two children, Andrew, 2 and Gabriel, 6. The husband became suddenly agitated he ‘flipped out’ on her after conversation turned to their martial issues and she disclosed that she was cheating on him with another man, yikes.

Hannah reported that he had struck her during the outburst (with his hand, not a car). Police observed that the home was covered with broken glass and items strew about the home and that they both smelled like alcohol. Additionally, they saw that Hannah was visibly upset and had a swollen eye.

The husband had left their home before police got there, but when he returned after they spoke with him he grew agitated by the conversation with police, and threw his hands behind his back telling the officers to arrest him- which they did. Michael then admitted to police that he did get into a verbal altercation with his wife after she told him she was seeing another man, though he denied striking her.

Police made the decision to arrest him on the charge of domestic battery for the May incident. What a bizarre family.

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FLORIDA Mom Tries to Run Over Son-in-Law After He Told His Wife He Was Sleeping With Her Mother

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