Do YOU Agree That These Are the Top 7 Worst Fake News Sites On The Internet?

Help us rank the seven worst fake news sites out there. All of them are awful, but who is the worst?

The news these days hardly resembles news at all. It’s more leftist propaganda than news. The mainstream media is just full of fake news and lies. So much so, that you have to source what you believe very carefully these days. These are the top seven fake news sites… there are many, many more. Help us decide which one is simply the biggest liar.

IMPORTANT VOTING INSTRUCTIONS: If you think a news site is the worst, hit the up arrow. If you think they are not quite as fake as others, hit the down arrow.

  1. 1 MSNBC

    Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

    It's hard to limit MSNBC because they are the king of fake news, but Rachel Maddow is near the top. Back in July, she did an exclusive on a top-secret NSA document. It was forged. The fake document was from an unknown NSA official and purported to describe Russian attempts to hack election officials and suppliers.

  2. Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

    The New York Times released an editorial on the attempted massacre of Republican Congressmen and their aides by a Trump-hating Bernie Sanders supporter. It was, without a doubt, the worst editorial they have run in a decade. In it, they tried to tie the attempted murder spree to Sarah Palin over gun control.

  3. Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

    The Huffington Post frequently posts fake news, but one of the most egregious incidents was their reporting on Vice President Mike Pence attending the production of 'Hamilton'. They claimed he was booed like crazy and really played it up. But it was a mixtures of claps, cheers and boos and not the horrid greeting they portrayed.  

  4. Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

  5. Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

    Media Matters is a media outlet that constantly accuses conservative sites of fake news. They are backed by George Soros and with his money attack conservatives constantly. Media Matters tried to take down Glenn Beck through advertisers and failed. However, they succeeded with Bill O'Reilly. They also attacked Rush Limbaugh in the same way. Then they went after Sean Hannity.  Their site is full of fake news.

  6. Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

    Buzzfeed gained notoriety for publishing the Russian dossier against President Trump. Most of the dossier is unsubstantiated or downright false and has been debunked. This became the calling card for fake news on the Internet.

  7. 7 CNN

    Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

    CNN has been the culprit for an ongoing list of fake news. Probably their biggest fake news story is connecting President Trump to Russia. The network retracted a story about alleged ties between Trump's allies and Russia. Three CNN journalists who had been involved in the story resigned after the retraction.

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Do YOU Agree That These Are the Top 7 Worst Fake News Sites On The Internet?

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