Debra Messing APPLAUDS Her Son For Disrespecting National Anthem [PICTURE]

Debra Messing, an actress whose latest hobby has been picking fights with Megyn Kelly and Ben Shapiro, is now looking to start fights over the alleged racism being promoted by the National Anthem.

Debra Messing recently attended an NHL hockey game with her teenage son between the New York Rangers and the Washington Capitals and immediately turned her attention to social media instead of putting her phone away and enjoy some quiet time watching the game with her child. But, she stepped in it when she posted one photo that has since been deleted after she was hit with outrage. But don’t worry, we have it here.

After posting a selfie, she posted a photo of her son on both her Instagram and her Facebook with the following caption:

Son: “Mom, I want to sit down in protest. Can we do that?”
Me: “Yes, honey. We can do that.”
“Who’s crying? I’m not crying. #BLM”

And here’s the photo:

Things were going swimmingly for Messing who was basking in the praise, writing a “God bless you” to the service members who supported her in the comments section.

So then we get to the comment that is the likely cause of Messing deleting this post, by a mother of a wounded veteran whose son can no longer walk or kneel down on his own:

I couldn’t imagine being this woman’s publicist. An entertainer should entertain, and time and again we’ve seen celebrities sour their audiences by going political. If you want to be political, then retire. Unless you’re Charlie Daniels who, as a country musician, already played to conservative audience members, you have nothing to gain by showing your true colors.

And her poor son. At that age, you’re still growing and it can’t be fair that your famous parent is already broadcasting your political views. If he decided to change his mind when he is older, he will always be held to the time that his mother Instagrammed his choice to not stand up for the National Anthem.

A few months ago while promoting the reboot of her show Will & Grace, she and her fellow cast members appeared on Megyn Kelly’s Today Show on NBC. When called it on it by a fan on Instagram, Messing responded that she didn’t know she would be appearing on Kelly’s show, explaining that her schedule didn’t specify which show she would be on. She did tell the Instagram user that she “regrets” having appeared on Kelly’s show and that she was “dismayed” by her comments.

Then, she went off on the New York Times for publishing a reasonable piece about Ben Shapiro, stating on social media that she was cancelling her subscription to the paper because they didn’t demonize him.

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Debra Messing APPLAUDS Her Son For Disrespecting National Anthem [PICTURE]

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