Cops In Tears After Discovering These 3 Women Used Their Bedsheets For

For first responders, there are always scenes they will respond to that stick with them. Crimes involving children are often the worst of all. But one particular crime scene was so awful, that police officers had to leave the room in tears.

Theresa Hawkins-Stephens, Rachel Bostian, and Ramona Bostian were all arrested after police were called to a motel room for a report of an unresponsive child. Hawkins-Stephens was the mother of two boys, aged five and six years old. Both boys were wrapped in bedsheets and beaten after one of them took some food.

The five year old later died of his injuries at the hospital.

Hawkins-Stephens and Bostian were charged with murder, two counts of felonious assault, and two counts of endangering children. Bostian was charged with felonious assault and child endangerment.

The boys were beaten over a period of 22 hours, and were so badly injured that officers wept and had to leave. And readers on social media called for justice for the two boys.

“My God, do the nightmares never end,” one person wrote on Facebook. “A 26 and 29 yr old lesbian couple along with one of the degenerates mother wrapped up in sheets and killed the 2 boys, ages 4 & 5. They beat them to death. What has happened to the youth of this country. Have you become so selfish about yourselves that you would so cruelly kill your own children. I’m truly ashamed of who we have become.”

“We need a new kind of place to keep this child beating trash,” another person wrote. “Prison is to good ,and costs too much. They should be given work,hard labor. Every dollar should be given to those who provide a good , loving,and safe home for the victim. This is getting out of hand. God bless the precious little child who endures such evil. They should live in tents year round,work fields and find something for them to do all winter. Hard labor is good for the soul. Maybe they could find their own.”

“My gosh these women are so sick in the head,” a third person said. “They need to get the death penalty and no mercy just like they showed them boys. It is time they stop having mercy on people on death row and give them what they deserve. The victims don’t get any mercy so why should these horrible killers get any.”

Assistant Middletown Police Chief Mark Hoffman said all three women took part in the beatings. The story goes that they were all staying in the same hotel room. A recording of the 911 call released, a woman who identified herself as “Rachael” requested medical assistance.

“We have a child that stopped breathing. Um, he-we were camping in the woods and he escaped the tent when we were sleeping and he was gone for a couple of days and some kids got a hold of him and messed him up real bad and we didn’t realize how bad it was.”

Later in the call, she urged the dispatcher “Please hurry.”

“Is he alive?” the dispatcher asked.

“Yes, we’re, we’ve-he stopped breathing, but we’re doing chest compressions and CPR and he’s responding to it.”

“Are you the mother?”

“No, ma’am, the mother is the one that’s taking care of him.”

“He was holding him in his arms the last few minutes of his life,” Stephens told FOX19 NOW. He says his son was holding the child as he passed away at Children’s Hospital on Friday.

Alex turned five on Monday and died on Friday. Other family members told FOX19 NOW the child weighed just 24 pounds.

“My son can’t even hardly speak. He’s just hurting. The whole family is,” Stephens told FOX19 NOW.

His other grandson, Damyan, 6, is recovering from his injuries at Children’s Hospital.

“He’s recovering from a traumatic beating, malnourishment, from a person he should have never had to fear,” Stephens said.

What kind of punishment do you think these women deserve?

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Cops In Tears After Discovering These 3 Women Used Their Bedsheets For

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