CNN’s Most Deceptive News Stories They Didn’t Want You To Know About Are REVEALED

CNN is the epitome of fake news. They have so many deceptive stories, it's hard to choose... but these are some of the worst.

CNN brazenly promotes fake news… they are one of the least trusted sources in the media industry and deservedly so. President Trump, who really, really dislikes CNN, labeled them the Clinton News Network and it stuck. They are a leftist propaganda outlet that accuses everyone else of fake news, while being the biggest culprit of that sin themselves. Below are a number of deceptive stories by the news giant. Help us choose which one is the worst.

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  1. Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

    Donna Brazile infamously got caught on CNN passing questions to Hillary Clinton, helping her cheat before an event. The cheating was exposed in a WikiLeaks e-mail where she told the Clinton team “from time to time I get the questions in advance” and gave a question on the death penalty to Clinton ahead of time that Hillary would be asked on CNN’s March 13, 2016 town hall meeting. 

  2. Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

    On June 8th, former FBI director James Comey confirmed that a New York Times report which accused Trump associates of “repeated contacts with Russian intelligence” was “almost entirely wrong,” during his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. He also said that “many, many” news stories “purportedly” based on classified information were “just dead wrong.” CNN intentionally didn't get the memo. They not only promoted this New York Times report, based on allegedly leaked information – they came up with a nearly identical report of their own and attacked Trump and his administration for daring to question it.

  3. Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

    Three CNN journalists were forced to quit after they published a now-retracted story about Russia and Anthony Scaramucci. And I say 'quit', when in reality, they were fired. CNN apologized only to avoid further fallout in a lawsuit. The story tried to draw a link between Scaramucci and the Russian Direct Investment Fund. Scaramucci was a Trump transition team member. The article said that Scaramucci, back in January, held a secret meeting with an official from the Russian fund. According to an unnamed source, Scaramucci discussed the possibility of lifting U.S. sanctions at the meeting. The problem is, that was a lie.

    Lex Harris, executive editor of CNN’s investigative unit, was the highest-ranking official to resign. Thomas Frank, who wrote the story and Eric Lichtblau, who edited it, also turned in their resignations. Lichtblau is a highly regarded reporter who spent nearly a decade and a half at the New York Times.

  4. Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

    Back at the beginning of the first Gulf War, CNN's Peter Arnett promoted enemy propaganda when he reported that Iraq claimed Allied pilots had bombed a baby-milk factory, he added that the site “looked innocent enough, from what I could see.” Arnett told Newsweek: “I think the U.S. just miscalled it...there was no doubt in my mind that it was unlikely to be a supersecret facility” producing poisonous agents.

    In February 1991, Arnett did a long story on how Iraqi infants would die from the lack of power to run incubators. He didn’t mention that invading Iraqi troops took Kuwaiti babies out of incubators and left them to die on hospital floors. Sounds an awful lot like cheerleading for the enemy... or giving aid and comfort.

  5. Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

    CNN's reporting of the Vietnam War in Operation Tailwind was chuck full of false reporting. CNN's Peter Arnett claimed that U.S. forces had committed war crimes and used nerve gas in Laos during the Vietnam War during Operation Tailwind. The “Valley of Death” segment that aired on the June 7, 1998 premiere of Newstand: CNN & Time was so atrocious, CNN’s own military affairs consultant Perry Smith resigned in protest. Smith stated, “I can't work for an organization that would do something like this and not fess up to it.”

  6. Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

    Project Veritas nabbed a CNN producer on “the Russia thing." He was secretly recorded saying that the whole issue was, well... this: “It’s mostly bull****, right now.” As opposed to the fact that it has been all bull**** since the beginning. Captured on video in an undercover investigation, CNN’s John Bonifield essentially acknowledged that intertwined narratives relating to Russia pushed by his employer and the broader left-wing news media amounted to a hoax. It doesn't get any faker than that.

    Ever since President Trump was elected, CNN has been pushing that the election was hacked by the Russians. They constantly insinuate and outright state that Trump has colluded with the Russian government. MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and various other left-wing and Democrat-aligned news media outlets have reinforced this narrative. There has never been a shred of evidence to support this... that's called lying.

  7. Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

    Eason Jordan of CNN got himself into hot water again (a regular occurrence) when on February 11, 2005 he was forced to resign after suggesting coalition troops in Iraq had targeted journalists. 

    “Eason Jordan resigned last night as CNN's chief news executive in an effort to quell a burgeoning controversy over his remarks about U.S. soldiers killing journalists in Iraq. Even as he said he had misspoken at an international conference in suggesting that coalition troops had ‘targeted’ a dozen journalists and insisted he never believed that, Jordan was being pounded hourly by bloggers, liberals as well as conservatives, who provided the rocket fuel for a story that otherwise might have fizzled. Eason Jordan said he was resigning so that CNN wouldn’t be ‘unfairly tarnished.’”

  8. Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

    On January 23, 2017, CNN correspondent Jim Sciutto insisted Donald Trump didn’t “say anything” about the wall of sacrifice behind him during his speech to employees at the CIA. That was a blatant falsehood. He reported: “There was an opportunity here, which the president missed in front of that Memorial Wall at the CIA, was to say anything about the sacrifice of the 117 stars representing the people who died in the field for the Central Intelligence Agency.” President Trump actually strongly expressed his gratitude to the CIA: “I want to say there is nobody that feels stronger about the intelligence community and the CIA than Donald Trump, There’s nobody, nobody. The wall behind me is very, very special.”

  9. Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

    CNN's Chris Cillizza got caught promoting a deceptively edited video that went viral on social media. It makes it appear as though Poland's First Lady snubbed President Trump. A longer version shows something different. Cillizza tweeted “OHMYGOD” multiple times, with a link to the video that is cut to only three seconds in length.

    A longer version of the video shows that Kornhauser-Duda merely went to greet Melania Trump because the President was himself greeting her husband. A moment later she warmly shakes the hand of President Trump. The later portion of the video was edited out to make it appear that she snubbed the U.S. president.

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CNN’s Most Deceptive News Stories They Didn’t Want You To Know About Are REVEALED

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