California’s Gavin Newsom Signs NEW Executive Order- BANS Gas Powered Vehicles

CA Governor Gavin Newsom made an announcement Wednesday. He is placing a ban on the sales of gas-powered vehicles and it will be effective in 2035. He called this goal “audacious” and said it was a necessary change to achieve California’s goal of 100% renewable energy by 2045.

Newsom claims his new executive order will “eliminate” the sale of “internal combustion engines”. All residents in California will have to eventually purchase electric. He claims this change will be good for more than just climate change. It will create jobs and apparently in his mind it will allow California to “dominate” the market.

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He did say that those who still own gas powered vehicles will be able to use them and sell them on the used market.

It just so happens that 2035 is also the year that Joe Biden has set as a deadline for the U.S to rid itself of fossil fuels that come from electricity production.

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“If you want to reduce asthma, if you want to mitigate the rise of sea level, if you want to mitigate the loss of ice sheets around the globe, then this is a policy for other states to follow,” Newsom said.

Newsom talked about ongoing wildfires and record-breaking high temeratures to support his push towards these ambitious goals. California presently emits 1% of the world’s carbon emissions.

He’s calling the ban an “opporutnity to transform” California’s new economy even though he failed to explain why the state has to ban gas-powered vehicles instead of just allowing the market to operate.

Newsom tried to run a guilt trip on automobile manufacturers asking for them to think about whether they could “look their kids and their grandkids in the eye” if they were failures at producing zero-emissions vehicles that would support the reduction of global carbon emissions.

The Governor also threw shade at those who “chose” to be in “denial about science, denial about facts”. He was ferring to all humans and their role in “climate change”.

Newsom said that California has figured out “the what to the why, and now we need to focus on the how.”

All I’m going to say is if their power grid can’t handle the recent heat wave, my question is how in the world will it handle MILLIONS of electric cars plugging in each day to charge? California is burning, literally burning, and he thinks this is a good idea?

Not that it will matter all that much come 2035, there won’t be anybody left in California that can afford vehicles anyway, let alone ELECTRIC ones. Only the handful of millionares and billionaires if they haven’t fled the state yet would be able to dream of that kind of purchase. Under Democratic rule, everybody else will be homeless…

Venezuela 2.0 by 2035 for California, especially if their Governor Newsom has anything to do with it.

What do you think about this new executive order?

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