BREAKING: NYC Man placed objects on tracks causing MAYHEM as NYC Subway train derails

There’s chaos in New York City as a man tossed debris onto the subway tracks in Manhattan this morning which has caused the train to derail.
The development happened approximately 8:15 this morning in Chelsea at the express track at 8th avenue and 14th Street station northbound.

Witnesses say they saw 30-year-old man throwing construction debris onto the subway tracks. According to NYCT interim President Sarah Feinberg,”A northbound train came into contact with debris on the road bed as it was pulling into the 14th Street 8th avenue station resulting in a wheel leaving the track”

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Feinberg then explained that as a result of the train leaving the tracks the first car had scraped four columns that separate the northbound Express track from the southbound Express track. The crew of the train is being hailed as heroic as they were able to stop the train and safely discharge 135 passengers at the station. Transport workers union local 100 president Tony Utano said,”This was an all hands-on deck emergency with transit workers from multiple divisions responding to assist riders and then begin repairing the extensive damage. It’s a stark reminder that the MTA can’t cut its front line workers.”

Fire department reported said three of the riders suffering minor injuries although one person was taken to a hospital for evaluation and the others declined treatment.

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The train endured significant damage and another train further up the track near 34th Street sat in the tunnel due to power loss. There were 125 passengers stranded while the crew removed the customers off the train safely.

The head of subways for New York Transit Frank Jezycki said,”We have significant damage to the train car itself. And significant damage to the track bed and track components as well as some damage to the structural steel columns in between the tracks. We have track opponents including track, plates, clips, tires themselves. We have 100 ft of the third rail with damage and we have significant damage to the car itself. And some of the photos the crash actually struck the steel.”

As soon as the police conclude the investigation the MTA will rerail the incident train pull the train with a diesel locomotive power pack reassess the condition of the track before necessary correction actions to track components and then remove the train. Local service is reported to resume as soon as possible but will bypass the 18th avenue and 14th Street station. Well the work is being done trains on the local track from canal Street to 59th Street Columbus circle will operate and bypass 14th Street in both directions

The chaos in blue Democrat states continues. The rioting and violent protests have now become open season for anybody to violate the law anywhere in any way. It’s unfortunate for first responders as their forces are becoming strained from being divided between riots and mayhem.


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