BLM Riots Continue To Rage – Kamala Harris Trashes Justice System, Calls Protests “ESSENTIAL”

Biden’s VP pick Kamala Harris is a real piece of work. Arguably the most liberal politician in Congress, she put her sights on the presidency long ago. One problem… no one likes her. The woman enthusiastically supports violent riots, harassment of bystanders, and destruction of property carried out by the military arm of the Democrat Party via Antifa and BLM. She deems them ‘essential’.

At a virtual NAACP convention, Senator Harris praised and cooed over what she called BLM’s “brilliance.” She then went on to posit that so-called “justice” has never been achieved in America without “a fight.” What she is describing is a manufactured color revolution by the left and an attempted coup. Violence is part of the recipe to subjugate the masses so the elitist left can do what they want which is destroy our form of government and instill a Marxist one.

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“The brilliance and the impact of Black Lives Matter and their brilliance in conceiving it, history is going to show was an inflection point in the ongoing fight for justice … and to reform the criminal justice system and America’s criminal justice system,” she stated.

“I actually believe, as a former prosecutor, that Black Lives Matter has been the most significant agent for change within the criminal justice system because it has been a counterforce to the force within the system that is so grounded in status quo and in its own traditions, many of which have been harmful and have been discriminatory in the way that they’ve been enforced.” That’s Barack Obama’s intended ‘change’.

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It’s hard to believe that a former prosecutor could believe that our criminal justice system has been “discriminatory” and is based on disparate impact… a baseless, unsubstantiated theory that attributes disparities/disproportions to discrimination and racism. None of it is true and is nothing more than a ruse to cover for revolution.

“I’ve been in marches since I was in a stroller. When I was at Howard University, I was protesting against apartheid. I mean, it’s nothing new for me. But, being there, at this point in terms of, honoring the life of George Floyd and Breonna and Ahmaud Arbery, and we can go down the list, sadly, a long list,” Harris said.

“It is about, I think, a community and the country speaking out, understanding that nothing that we have achieved that has been about progress in this country has come without a fight. Nothing that we have achieved in our country that has been about progress, and in particular around civil rights has come without a fight.”

“I always, I’m going to interpret these protests as an essential component of evolution in our country, as an essential component, a mark of a real democracy and as necessary, as necessary. The people’s voices must be heard,” she continued. This has nothing to do with the people. It has everything to do with those who want power and control. Dictators in waiting.

Americans are fed up with Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and rioting in the streets. The polls reflect it.

But that hardly matters to Harris. She’s all in with BLM extremists who are growing increasingly brazen in their harassment of innocent men, women, and even children. As one writer pointed out correctly, it is akin to the Red Guards of Mao Zedong. You see Antifa and BLM routinely demand fealty from innocent passersby and bystanders.

Louisville: #BLM protesters confront business owner guarding a building. They ask him a set of questions to determine if he supports Black Lives Matter. Video by @VenturaReport:

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) September 26, 2020

They’re attacking and trying to murder the police.

Antifa and BLM are descending on people’s homes in the middle of the night.

They demand a show of support from people who are just trying to have dinner. Harassment for dessert.

This is not ‘mostly peaceful’ protesting. It involves brutality, destruction, and murder. It bears a striking resemblance to the Brown Shirts during Hitler’s reign of terror. But it’s evidently what Harris and Biden support.


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