3 Armed Women Force Man Into Car And Sexually Assault Him – Then Things Go From Bad To Worse

The man was forced into a black BMW where his three kidnappers committed a very strange crime.

Following a trend that has vexed police, the 33-year-old man was chosen to be victimized by three women who are allegedly capitalizing on a raging underground market for sperm.

A police constable from Pretoria, speaking to local media, said that the man had stopped on the street to give assistance to three women who claimed to be needing direction. As he spoke to the women, a black BMW drove up and the women, at gunpoint, became kidnappers and forced the man into the car. Then, the trio drove for 500 kilometers (310 miles) while they sexually assaulted him, urging the man to become aroused. Seeing as he had just been kidnapped and was being assaulted by three strange women, the man was not responding to their request and so they took it further by forcing him to drink an “unknown substance” that caused him to become erect.

The man was fully conscious throughout his kidnapping and “still traumatized” at the time of the media briefing. The women allegedly collected his bodily fluids in plastic bags, stored it in a cooler and then the man was kicked out of the car. Constable Mncedi Mbombo confirmed that a rape case had been opened, saying that they were confused because they had not heard of such an attack.

The strange, terrifying crime has been counting victims for years and in the country of South Africa, which is where bodily fluids are being collected from unwilling victims, boasts one of the most terrifying rates of sexual assault in the world.

In South Africa, one in four men claim that they have raped someone, with half of those men saying they have raped more than one person, according to The Medical Research Council, a governmental health bureau.


Despite the surprise to the Constable, the practice of kidnapping men to order to steal sperm for the secondary, underground market had previously occurred in another province of South Africa where women had allegedly been forcing men to drink from an bottle to aid sexual assault. But, with the local police force rife with corruption, no arrests had been made.

A sangoma is a traditional healer in South Africa, and other news reports state that the sperm is being sold up north in Zimbabwe where local media report that the 250ml bottles sell for between $25 and $30 American and are used by sangoma in traditional rituals. Local men in Zimbabwe who called it a “sperm harvesting craze” where even married women forced their husbands to use condoms so they could raise their own funds.

In Johannesburg, Martin Pelders runs a support group for men who have been the victims of sexual abuse. He said that the police are unable to effectively help male victims, and that they “often don’t open cases, or they are encouraged not to open cases,” and that the issue of addressing male rape means that there are male victims who have needs. The victim spoke to the media along with the police in this case, and local reporters with the paper The Herald wrote that the officers began to laugh at the man as he described what had happened.

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3 Armed Women Force Man Into Car And Sexually Assault Him – Then Things Go From Bad To Worse

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